The main question this website want to answer to is:

Which are the RAWorkers need?

How can they be fulfilled?

In order to answer this question two line of actions has been activated:

  • Meet-ups: meet other people like you where you are located, to find answer to your questions and to ask them about their needs. Take note of their answers and find things in common where to operate together. You can announce your meet-up with, just write to Also, check the section meet-up, maybe one is already active in your location.
  • Job Agencies: start-up job agencies to provide assistance in job management (Check the section /job-agencies:
    • finding a job,
    • offering continuous services,
    • why_work_for_usindexing and matching demand and offer,
    • building ad-hoc teams.


  • Collaborative publishing: why don’t you become a editor? just write to, present yourself and an editor’s access will be granted to you.

Contributions are welcomed!